Hybrid Curriculum Development in Health Care Education: Essential Insights

Hybrid learning, which integrates online and face-to-face instruction, is gaining momentum in higher education, particularly in the health …

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The Case for Holistic Admissions in Graduate Education. Plus, a Real-World Case Study

There is no argument that creating well-rounded and diverse learning environments prepare students to enter the real world …

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Male with clipboard in a clinical placement setting sits on exam table.
Clinical Placements for Graduate Students: Challenges and Best Practices

Clinical placements, also known as practicums or internships, are an integral part of graduate education in health care …

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How BGSU’s Physical Therapy Program Increased Access and Cohort Diversity

Higher education institutions across America face declining enrollments, but some are bucking the trend through creative modernizations. Bowling …

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Arrows shooting to top right of frame, symbolizing enrollment growth.
Accelerate Enrollment Growth in Higher Education …and Sustain Positive Momentum

With demographic headwinds creating enrollment challenges for many colleges and universities, institutional innovation and adaptation is needed to …

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Wilson College to Introduce Cutting-Edge Health Care Graduate Programs

Evidence In Motion (EIM) proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with Wilson College to launch graduate degree programs catering …

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